The Tech Detectives

The Tech Detectives

This is such a great idea — a “Tech Detectives” club in which students, not the technology department, complete certain tech requests. If teachers need troubleshooting with some sort of technology issue in their classroom, a tech detective can be sent to their room. According to the article, “On a regular basis, students create tutorials, assist teachers, learn about technology trends, collaboratively problem solve issues, and gain exposure to career readiness.” Sounds awesome! I’m going to suggest this at my school and sponsor it if I can.



  1. Fantastic idea! At our school, we’re looking to create a student-led “Geek Squad” initiative. We’re hoping to have a tech bar built into our media center where students can assist one another with technology. However, I really love the idea that students can support teachers, too.

  2. Such a cool idea and something I’m sure kids would love! So great for students to go to each other for help and use each other as a resource but also be available for teachers. I know students in general LOVE to help the teacher!

  3. I wish you the best of luck (truly mean that!) with the B.Y.O.D. policy at your school! My son’s school is offering that this school year, and I had this flash of “oh no… how are they going to police all those kiddos on their laptops!” I suppose, that as our readings suggest, the Internet is not going away and neither are those nifty tech tools. Thus, we either work with the natives or against them. Maybe you put it in your action plan, but is there consideration for the IT group at your school for implementing security softwar and usage policies?

    • They provided an FAQ for parents and had an “orientation” of sorts for parents at each of the schools to educate them more about the BYOD. Don’t know how much of that covered security and usage, though I know students have to sign a “Responsible Technology Use Policy” at registration. It will be interesting to see how this first year of BYOD goes…

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