Mini-Course: Lesson 1


21st Century Learning

Education has undergone a paradigm shift in the role of technology in education. Blackboards have evolved into interactive whiteboards. Raising hands has evolved into audience response systems. Why write notes in a spiral notebook when you can type faster?

Just how much does technology enhance learning? In this lesson, you will learn about 21st century learning and determine how it compares to 20th century learning.

Required Reading

Required Viewing


Download the 21st Century Skills Word document and fill it out (you may need to click on ‘Enable Editing’ at the top when you open it) by typing in your responses. Use the Framework for 21st Century Learning and Kathy Schrock’s guide to complete part of it. Save your work, then submit it.

After you have finished the worksheet, write a blog post between 200-300 words about 21st century skills by answering the following: Are these skills unique to the 21st century? Were there parts of the worksheet you struggled with? What reasons might there be for schools not to teach these skills in the 20th or 19th centuries? You might want to watch Sir Ken Robinson’s “Changing Education Paradigms” video to stimulate your thinking on this.

Click here for Lesson 2.


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