Mini-Course: Lesson 2


Digital Toolbox

A carpenter is only as effective as the tools at his or her disposal. The carpenter must also know how to use the tools. Likewise, a teacher utilizing technology in the classroom will only be successful with it if he or she knows how to use it. Classroom technology should not be used for the sake of incorporating more technology into the classroom — it must have a purpose.


Suggested Watching


Download the Pick Your Tools Word document (you may need to click on ‘Enable Editing’ at the top when you open it) and type in your responses. Use the resources above to complete the worksheet. You will be required to select one app/website per subject and one app/website per ability. You will also need to explain your choices. What was the reasoning behind your selections? Why would you use it in your own classroom or recommend it to colleagues? How will it benefit students? Save your work and then submit it.

Pretend that you are an observer — a fly on the wall — in a fictional classroom that uses one of these digital tools. Write a short blog post about the classroom as it uses the digital tool. How does this fictional teacher enhance the students’ learning? What are they getting out of it? How do you think the students will respond?

Click here for Lesson 3.


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