Mini-Course: Lesson 3


Connected Educator

Students aren’t the only ones that can benefit from technology. Teachers can utilize technology for professional development and personal growth. Just as students’ learning can take place outside of school, teachers’ professional development can occur outside of staff meetings with professional or personal learning networks (PLNs). There are teachers on the Internet already sharing their lessons, philosophies, and experiences. The previous lesson had you discover tools to enhance students’ learning — these will enhance your teaching.

Required Readings

Suggested Viewing


Create an account on Twitter (if you haven’t already) and submit the URL of your twitter account (example: Choose five educators, five educational organizations, and five hashtags to follow on Twitter. If you have trouble thinking of who to follow, visit twitter4teachers. (If you’re already on Twitter and following educators and organizations, follow five more of each.) Throughout the week re-tweet at least one tweet from each.

Alternatively, create an account on Pinterest and pin ten educational ideas to your page. You may also join tumblr, find blogs to follow, and re-blog ten educational posts. Regardless of the social media account of your choice, the objective of this assignment is to expand your access to professional resources.


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